A metal roof will likely be the last roof you ever purchase. A quality metal roof will last for generations – three times or longer than an asphalt shingle roof. On average, a quality metal roof increases the value of a home. Metal roofs offer a wide variety of profiles and unlimited colors to complement and dramatically improve the curb appeal of any style home.

Metal roofs are easily maintained with simple washing of water or with household detergents for areas with heavy dirt deposits. Unlike asphalt or wood shingles, a metal roof exposed to burning embers will not catch fire. Steel is the #1 recycled material in the world, and residential metal roofs are made from up to 30% recycled steel.


Roof Mechanics “R” Panel is an economical and affordable roof sheet that is easy to installation and come in factory formed continuous length

Our “R” Panels comes in a choice of finishes:

  1. Polyester
  2. PVF 2
  3. Mill Finish

Other details:

  • Panel Coverage: 42"
  • Rib Height: 1 -1/4"
  • Rib Features: Trapezoidal rib on 10.5" centers
  • Standard Gauge(s): 24 ga., 26 ga., 28ga
  • A versatile option, R-Panel is a low-profile roofing and wall panel that can be applied over open framing or solid substrate.
  • Fastener(s): Exposed Fastened
  • Standard Finish(es): PVDF, POLYESTER, ALUZINC
  • Minimum Slope Requirement: 1:12

Nu Wave Close Up
Nu Wave Close Up

Nu Wave Roofing System