Used Worldwide

Nutech Paint has been applied to over 1,000,000 roofs across the globe

Nutech’s Acrylic Roof Coating is a water based special purpose system designed to seal and adhere to cement and concrete roof surfaces including oxidised, colour through and weathered rough roof tile structures.

Formulated from high quality adhesion promoted acrylic resins, Nutech Tile Roof Restoration resists peeling, cracking, blistering and delamination to ensure superior Nutech Coating performance.
Nutech Tile Roof Restoration coating system is no ordinary paint. This revolutionary coating combines advanced technology developed exclusively by Nutech Paint over more than 40 years with the special properties of Nano-Technology® to deliver superior performance.

Nutech Paint spent many years developing specific coating systems for individual roofing surfaces.

Combining a 3-coat application system


Apply One Coat of Nutech Penetrating Or High Build Primer.

Apply Two coats of either NuFlex premium coloured roof coating, Tileflex 2000 Enhanced with Self Cleaning Nano-Technology or NXT Cool Coat Infrared Heat Reflective Coating also Enhanced with Self Cleaning Nano-Technology.  All are available  in over 36 colours.