• 3/4" Purlin Screw
  • 1" Purlin Screw
  • 2" Purlin Screw
  • 3/4" Stitch Screw
  • 3/4" Sharp Point Stitch Screw
  • 7/16" Tek Point Screw
  • Hammer Drive Anchor (Hit It)
  • Torpedo Screw
  • 2" Wood Screw
  • 1" Steel Wavell Screw
  • 1" Wood Wavell Screw
  • 7/16" Zip Gutter Screw
  • A.H.I Shake Screw
  • Bit Nut Setter Mag (1/4")
  • Bit Nut Setter Mag (3/8")
  • Bit Nut Setter Mag (5/16")

2 inch Purlin Screw_640x430
2" Purlin Screw
A.H.I Shake Screw_355x480
A.H.I. Shake Screw
Bit Nut Setter Mag_480x480
Bit Nut Setter Mag
Bolt, Nut & Washer_355x480
Bolt, Nut & Washer
Hit It (Hammer Drive Anchor)_480x480
Hammer Drive Anchor
Sharp Point Stitch Screw_640x384
Sharp Point Stitch Screw
Purlin Screw_640x480
Purlin Screws
Tek Point Screw_480x480
Tek Point Screw
Torpedo Screw_640x208
Torpedo Screw
Wood Screw_480x480
Wood Screw
Wood Wavell Screw_502x480
Wood Wavell Screw
Zip Gutter Screw_640x443
Zip Gutter Screw



Left Cut Aviation Snips

Drop-forged chrome vanadium steel blades. Compound action results in maximum power at the jaws with minimum effort at the handles. Serrated blades grip metal to make cutting easier.

Fully guaranteed. Snips will cut 18-gauge cold-rolled sheet steel and meet or exceed federal government specifications and ANSI standards. 9-3/4" long. Cushion-grip comfort handles.

Left Cut Aviation Snips
Left Cut Aviation Snips


Rebar Twist Plier

It's as easy as 1,2,3.  First cut wire by clamping the pliers, latch the clamping lever, and last pull the upper rotary handle. The pliers will spin and tie the wire. Its that simple. Low wear lap joint, riveted and able to withstand high levels of load. It's precision ground heat-treated steel is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Where ever tying is required, the quick and Affordable Pinza Rotary Pliers will get the job done, fast.

Rebar Twist Plier
Rebar Twist Plier


Toptul Offset Tin Snips

Cuts up to 1.2mm cold rolled steel or 0.7mm AISI-304 stainless steel. Meets the federal specification ANSI/ASME B107.16-1998 and German standard DIN 6438/11.71.

Toptul Offset Tin Snips
Toptul Offset Tin Snips


Irwin Offset Snips

These Irwin 212 Aviation Snips are perfect for cutting sheet metal. The design of these snips is best suited to right and straight cuts. Built from Hot Drop forged steel blades with a serrated edge for smoother cuts, these tin snips will give you better strength and durability.

The ProTouch Grips will reduce fatigue and provide good control, and the double over wound torsion spring at the pivot point will allow for longer tool life.

Irwin Offset Snips
Irwin Offset Snips


Stanley FatMax Aviation Snips

Compound cutting action with textured grips and E-Z close latch. Great for cutting sheet metal, vinyl, plastic, rubber and many other applications.

Multi-purpose snips with compound cutting leverage Pro-Touch™. Grips provide superior comfort, resists twisting.

Stanley FatMax Aviation Snips
Stanley FatMax Aviation Snips